Hoya-marie.se 2011

A Descprition    
Hoya archboldiana albomarginata White edges on leaf    
Hoya archboldiana Pink form Pink flower    
Hoya archboldiana New collection, Smaller leaf    
Hoya archboldiana Pink form IML 541 Pink flowers    
Hoya archboldiana white form´IML 414 White flowers    
Hoya archboldiana YM Excellent dark red flowers    
Hoya australis subsp. tenuipes `Lisa´ Cultivation, white middle in leaf    
Hoya bella albomarginata White edges on leafs gone    
Hoya bella Luis bois White middle in leafs gone    
Hoya benguetensis MPR 01 flowers vary a lot in color, scent is like cowslip (small yellow flower)?!    
Hoya blashernaezii Beautiful yellow flowers, campanulate form. gone    
Hoya bordenii Scent reminds me of red apples. Beautiful foliage, the leafs turn red in the light. gone    
Hoya camphorifolia Small exquisite pink flowers, stands only for a couple of days. But flowers all the time. gone    
Hoya carnosa Grey ghost grows extremely slow    
Hoya carnosa Krimson queen White in the middle of leaf, dark pink flowers. Scent like dark chocolate    
Hoya carnosa Lime green Lime green flowers, but the flowers varies in color, sometimes they are close to white.    
Hoya carnosa Exotica Wrinkled leaf not as much as H. compacta. White or cream middle of leafs.    
Hoya carnosa variegata White edges, light pink flowes    
Hoya caudata Hard leafs with speckle leaf and undulating edges.    
Hoya caudata TN99-008 Rounder leafs with speckle leaf. White fuzzy flower with red corona    
Hoya cembre NS05-235 Lovely white flowers, the scent is devine gone    
Hoya chlorantha Green flowers    
Hoya chlorantha var. tutuilensis Brownred flowers, hard color to dicribe    
Hoya cinnamoifolia var cinnamomifolia Yellow corolla with wine-red corona    
Hoya cinnamomifolia var. Purpureo fusca Dark purple flowers    
Hoya compacta Medium pink flowers, scent reminds me of choclate. The leafs are very wrinkled gone    
Hoya compacta regalis bought with that name. Not sure it´s the right. White edges on leafs.    
Hoya coriacea yellow corolla and lilac corona. Scent reminds me of coconut    
Hoya curtisii from Thailand a little bit bigger leaf than the other curtisii. Easy to get to flower.    
Hoya cystiantha lovely campanulata formed flowers. Scent is fresh like lemon    
Hoya davidcummingii sweet scent of caramel, beutiful color of pink with yellow corona.    
Hoya densifolia yellow flower with pink corona, nice scent of cardamom. Reminds of Hoya cumingiana    
Hoya densifolia Dark form yellow/orange corolla with lilac corona, scent of cardamom. Looks a lot like Hoya cumingiana    
Hoya diversifolia seedling. Is suppose to be easy to get to flower. That remains to be seen.    
Hoya elliptica Nice looking leafs Light green visible veins. This hoya is difficult to grow. White corolla red corona.    
Hoya enduaensis      
Hoya erythrina yellow flower, no scent. Beautiful leavs, with speckles and undulating edges    
Hoya erythrostemma white fuzzy flower with red corona. Nice looking leafs.    
Hoya erythrostemma Cotton candy Light pink fuzzy flower with white corona.    
Hoya erythrostemma Pink darker pink flowers than Cotton candy.    
Hoya erythrostemma IML 1504 Darker pink flower with a almost lilac ton.    
Hoya erythrostemma IML 1428 All white flowers or is supposed to be all white. But sometimes the corona turn out to be light pink.    
Hoya fitchii apricot corolla with dark pink corona. Fair venies on leafs, erlier sold as H. sp. CMF-8. gone    
Hoya flavescens yellow flowers, lovely leafs that are red during development and has undulated edges    
Hoya flavida IML 423 really sweet yellow flowers, leafs turn red in light    
Hoya fraterna dark yellow almost orange flower, the scent reminds me of bananas. Can be difficult to find the real one.    
Hoya finlaysonii Nova very beutiful leafs with dark veins.    
Hoya fusca      
Hoya gildingii      
Hoya globulifera PNG IML 1063 dark purple flowers, looks a lot like Hoya lamingtonaie (sp. PNG 4). gone    
Hoya griffithii White flowers 1.4" (3,5 cm). Can be difficult to get hold of the real one.    
Hoya greenii Dark green leafs, very spectacular flowers looks almost a little bit like teeth of a horse. White with lilac corona 0.8"    
Hoya hellwigiana IML 1101 Really nice looking leafs, the flowers is light yellow with white corona. But can even be light pink.
Hoya HSI-037 dark red/purple flowers. Belived by some to be the type species of pubicalyx.    
Hoya hypolasia exquisite yellow flowers, this hoya is really willing to flower. It has almost always flowers. No scent.    
Hoya imperialis alba white form is the correct name, because the name H. imperialis alba is not correct published.    
Hoya imperialis IML 222 some says it´s a form of var. Rauschii. I think it is similur, but has a few differences.    
Hoya imperialis Marys cottage thicker leafs, the flowers I belive is going to be quite dark red.    
Hoya imperialis Menungal River IML 1783 dark lilac flowers, growing quite slow.    
Hoya imperialis Mosaic spotted flowers, looks really special.    
Hoya imperialis New dark form really dark red flowers, almost wine-red almost lilac. White corona.    
Hoya imperialis 42 hoya lane also a imperialis that has darker flowers, but the corolla is white nearest to the corona.    
Hoya imperialis TOC red flowers.    
Hoya javanica Bought as Hoya multiflora. gone    
Hoya javanica Bought  as Hoya multiflora albomarginata. White edges. gone    
Hoya Kaimuki Cultivar between H. macgillivrayi x H. archboldiana. MM hybrid.    
Hoya kanyakumariana White corolla with lilac corona. Lovely little leafs with a little speckles and undulated edges.    
Hoya kenijiana variegata nice looking leafs with dark edges.    
Hoya kerrii albomarginata White edges leafs, flowers are light pink (beige) with almost a brownish corona.    
Hoya lamingtoniae called sp. 4 before it was identified. Dark almost lilac flowers, really nice. The scent is weak, hardly noticeable. gone    
Hoya lacunosa from Thailand Really nice scent, like expensive perfume. gone    
Hoya lacunosa Tove cultivation from Bystrup planter i Denmark. Lovely pink flowers, the scent is so good it´s amazing like expensive perfume.    
Hoya lacunosa x obscura not H. sunrise that is a different cultivar.    
Hoya lanceolata supbsp. bella Luis bois, leafs with dark edges.    
Hoya lanceolata subsp. lanceolata lovely scent someting like lily of the valley. Flowers is somewhat smaller than Hoya bella wich is otherwise reminds of.    
Hoya lasiantha big beautiful fuzzy flowers. Hoya praetorii was confused with Hoya lasiantha. But this one has larger leafs and lager flowers. gone    
Hoya lasiantha from Thailand smaller leafs. gone    
Hoya linearis small narrow leafs looks almost like matches. Flowers are white with white corona thas is yellow in the middle. Scent citrus/vanilla. gone    
Hoya lobbii Pink flowers with red middle.    
Hoya lobbii AP 1036      
Hoya lobbii Black also called Dark form. As the name says this lobbii has really dark flowers.    
Hoya lobbii IML 1524 orange flowers    
Hoya macgillivrayi don´t know if this plant is a macgillivrayi, time will tell.    
Hoya macgillivrayi Cok2 don´t know much about this hoya, it´s originally comes from Holland. It has a larger corona than is common on macgillivrayi.    
Hoya macgillivrayi IML 15 Langkelly Creek Qld Pink large flower    
Hoya macgillivrayi IML 16 Coen River Pink large flower    
Hoya macgillivrayi IML 17 Massey River Red large flower    
Hoya macgillivrayi IML 213 subsp. IML 16 Red flower    
Hoya macgillivrayi IML 220 Superba Red large flower.    
Hoya macgillivrayi IML 278 Iron Range Qld Dark red large flower    
Hoya macgillivrayi IML 279 Mount Tozer Qld Dark red large flower    
Hoya macgillivrayi IML 449 Pandanus Creek Red large flower    
Hoya macgillivrayi IML 696 Nesbit river Pink large flower    
Hoya macgillivrayi Big mac Red large flower. Has seen picture of this that indicates it has somewhat closer relations with H. archboldiana    
Hoya macgillivrayi x Hoya archboldiana MM hybrid.    
Hoya macgillivrayi x Hoya onychoides MM hybrid.    
Hoya Mathilde lovely hybrid H. carnosa x H. serpens. Lovely speckles leaf, and scented flowers. Easy to flower.    
Hoya meglantha from Ted Green smaller flowers then  NS05-038    
Hoya megalantha NS05-038 Pale pink, campanulate shaped flowers so beautiful.    
Hoya megalaster Raised veines wich get the leaf to look really nice. Large red flowers.    
Hoya megalaster IML 1080 PNG bright red flowers    
Hoya megalaster IML 1098 Large red flowers.    
Hoya megalaster IML 1099 pinkish red flowers    
Hoya meredithii GPS 3576 Beautiful leafs with dark veines. Nice scent.    
Hoya mitrata Different looking flowers almost like teeth. Can be difficult to grow. gone    
Hoya merrillii Pale yellow flowers. Nice looking leafs, that turn red in much light.    
Hoya multiflora Bought as Hoya multiflora speckles, is if I understod it correct the true Hoya multiflora. Speckles leafs. gone    
Hoya neo-ebudica Pretty pink or almost apricot flowers.    
Hoya nicholsonaie Cinnamom candy Maybe merillii?    
Hoya Noelle my sons name is Noel. And I also love the speckles leaf on this hoya. Presumably a cross between H. vitellinoides and H. vitellina,    
Hoya nyhuusie      
Hoya obovata Large leafs with speckles, white flowers with dark pink middle    
Hoya obscura Lovely scented flower vanilla with a little hint of citrus.    
Hoya obscura IML 1003 beautiful foliage, red veins on green base
Hoya odettea yellow sweet flowers, narrow leafs. This i probably the real H. tsangii
Hoya onychoides Large red flowers, lovely large leafs.
Hoya onychoides IML 559 dark red large campanulate flowers.
Hoya onychoides GPS 10108 Has a little more wide leafs
Hoya pachyclada Thick leafs, white flowers, scent reminds me of grapefruit
Hoya padangensis Leafs that almost looks grey, they are dark green with speckles. Spectacular flowers, really stands out.
Hoya pandurata
Hoya parviflora Small flowers the umbel is only 1.2" (3 cm) wide. Scent is fresh.
Hoya patella Pink large flower 1.2" no scent
Hoya patella alba But the flowers are not entirely white.
Hoya pauciflora Large white flowers with red corona, the scent is lovely. Small narrow leafs.
Hoya pimenteliana some experts says that this is Hoya cagayanensis but I´m not sure. White lovely flowers.
Hoya Pinkie Hoya australis x Hoya subcalva
Hoya pottsii McIlraith red lefs if placed in ligh. Really nice looking plant. Flowers are light yellow with a white corona.
Hoya pottsii Bought as Hoya ridleyi. I´m not sure wich is the right name.
Hoya pottsii Palmstone Green flowers, nice scent
Hoya praetorii lovely fuzzy orange flowers.
Hoya pubicalyx Jungle garden Bought as sp. Jungle garden.
Hoya pubicalyx Little leaf small leafs.
Hoya pubicalyx Pink silver Nice medium green leafs with speckles. Pink flowers
Hoya pubicalyx Splash probably Pink silver, with more speckles. Pink flowers
Hoya pubicalyx Red button pink to black flowers in the same umble.
Hoya pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple pink to black flowers in the same umble. Long leafs with a lot of speckles
Hoya Rainforest MM hybrid. Dark red/purple flowers
Hoya Rainforest beauty white edges
Hoya retusa narrow leafs, white flowers with red corona.
Hoya serpens Small leaf with speckles, lovely green flowers.
Hoya sigillatis Beautiful leafs that turn red in the sun, they have a lot of speckles. Apricot flowers.
Hoya sipitangensis Small leavs that turn red in the sun.
Hoya subcalva Large pink flowers with a very nice scent.
Hoya subcalva IML 0484 Dark pink flowers
Hoya subglabra White flowers with red corona. Really nice looking leafs.
Hoya telesmoides Pink form pink flowers. Slow grower, can´t take any cuttings from this one yet.
Hoya telesmoides IML 1747 Spectacular flowers, very different shape.
Hoya thailandica
Hoya tomataensis Small sweet flowers, flowers all the time.
Hoya villosa
Hoya vitiensis lovely lilac flowers.
Hoya VL 9 beautiful leavs, with a lot of speckles.
Hoya wallichii white campanulate flowers, no scent
Hoya walliniana small leafs, turn red in light.
Hoya waymanie lovely leafs with undulated edges, turn red in light. Orange flowers.
Hoya wayetii sweet red flowers, scent caramel. Succulent narrow leafs that get a dark red edge in the light.
Hoya wightii var. Palniensis
Hoya sp. Bangkok red seen photos of a pink flower. But the flowers on my plants has a more yellowish tone. Maybe it is because of different cultivation  circumstances
Hoya sp. aff cladestina IML 1590 pink flowers
Hoya sp. aff. caudata TN 99-024 very easy to flower, flowers all the time. Lovely speckles leaf.
Hoya sp. DMC 1622 Philippines IML 0831 nice leafs with venies. Flowers are resemble H. benguetensis.
Hoya Davao Phill 903122 Estrellio waterfall GPS 10068 incredibly leafs, with a lot of speckles.
Hoya sp. DS-70 earlier wrongly identifyed as Hoya tsangii.
Hoya sp. aff fusca
Hoya sp IML 1054 Hoya kenejiana IML 1054
Hoya IPPS 8830 almost round leafs, white flowers with dark pink corona.
Hoya sp. cf. lacunosa not a lacunosa, but bought with that name. The seller don´t know either what it is. Probably a new species. Lovely red leafs.
Hoya sp. cf lacunosa from Langkawi small leafs with a lot of speckles.
Hoya sp. aff macropyhylla
Hoya sp. aff. macrophylla IML 1622 white edges, really a nice looking hoya.
Hoya sp. aff merrillii NS00-001 Lovley red leafs
Hoya Nong Nooch IML 1541 one of my leaf favorite, undulated edges.a lot of speckles and dark venies. Really really nice, the flowers are yellow with brown ends.
Hoya sp. NS00-009 nice green fresh leafs, with visible veines. The flowers looks like H. coriacea, but with different color. gone
Hoya sp. NS05-164 Kindred with hellwigiana, some even say that it is H. hellwigiana. Larger and nicer looking leafs than my hellwigiana, turn red in light. gone
Hoya sp. NS05-231 fresh green leafs, fuzzy fantastic flowers
Hoya sp. NS05-233 fresh green leafs, with a few small speckles. Fantastic fuzzy flowers
Hoya sp. NS05-235 Rare hoya with quite small leafs, flowers resembles H. cembra gone
Hoya sp. Ovalau Island
Hoya sp. PG 11 Leafs looks like Hoya erythrostemma, don´t know if any got this one to flower yet.
Hoya sp. Philipinean Fresh green leafs
Hoya sp. Philippines 1 nice leafs with dark veines. Probable not H. juannguoiana wich has been sold as sp. Philipines 1.
Hoya sp. 3 Philippines IML 1658 succulent leafs with dark veines.
Hoya sp. PNG IPPS 192 really nice looking leafs with visible veines. Flowers reminds me of H.chunii
Hoya sp. PNG SV 416
Hoya sp. PNG SV 441
Hoya sp. Rundum 91009 thick leafs with a lot of speckles, dark red flowers
Hoya sp. Square New and still quite rare species. The leafs are rectangular. White flowers with pink corona.
Hoya sp. Sulawesi probably GPS 8841
Hoya sp. Sulawesi GPS 8842 gone
Hoya sp. Sulawesi GPS 8845 nice looking leafs, very easy to flower.
Hoya sp. Sulawesi GPS 8860 nice looking leafs, with visible veins
Hoya sp. Sulawesi GPS 8865 nice looking leafs, very easy to flower
Hoya sp. Sulawesi IML 1384 really easy to flower, sweet flowers with stripes.gone
Hoya sp. Thailand IML 1423 flowers and folage looks like H. erythrostemma. Bright pink flowers, with darker pink corona.
Hoya sp. Thailand IML 1438 flowers looks like H. erythrostemma but they are not hairy.
Hoya sp. TN99-020 finlaysonii-variant gone
Hoya sp. aff vitellina IML 1348 (IPPS 7203 Indonesien) oranges flowers